Explore the tangy allure of Sumac, a vibrant spice beloved in Iran for its zesty flavor. Perfect for enhancing dishes with its citrusy notes, Sumac adds depth to salads, kebabs, and stews


Sumac, celebrated as a culinary gem of Iran, is a versatile spice derived from the berries of the sumac shrub. Known for its tangy flavor profile and vibrant red hue, Sumac is a staple in Iranian cuisine, where it infuses dishes with its citrusy zest. Rich in antioxidants and prized for its potential health benefits, Sumac adds depth and complexity to various recipes, including salads, kebabs, rice dishes, and marinades. Experience the rich culinary heritage of Iran with Sumac, a spice that embodies the vibrant flavors of the Middle East. Delve into the world of Iranian gastronomy and elevate your dishes with the unique tanginess of Sumac, a versatile spice that captures the essence of Iranian culinary tradition.